Sunday, November 9, 2008

Grateful Days

I usually think of bad things being associated with the phrase "when it rains it pours," but the opposite is true as well. It's not raining good or bad things--it's autumn. It's cold, busy, and dark outside, but there are also heavenly moments where the wind is blowing softly with a warmth that just can't be imitated and the leaves are brightly glistening. Your electric AND gas bills are low. It's even nicer when someone else rakes your lawn.

So everything's not perfect in my life, but there are some subtle nice things going on:

-Gas is below two dollars. This hasn't happened since 2005 or so for me. I feel young again.

-I got an A- on an essay that took forever to write.

-The collaboration room I have been working on designing is close to being finished. I talk about it here.

-My finally moved to Verizon, so my wireless bill is lower and I get to talk to them for free, which is also good since I talk to them the most.

-I know how to change the home page in firefox: 1) navigate to the page you want for your home page 2) click on tools in the menu bar 3) click on options in that menu 3) Click on the button that says "Use current pages."

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Amy said...

Glad you are finding things to be grateful for... we all need to look at the good stuff and remember that in the end they usually out weigh the bad.
amy :)
How ya been?