Monday, September 22, 2008

Introducing... the Generic Evil Hacker

I pulled this off of the website about David Kernell's hacking into Sarah Palin's email* (before they updated it with a real picture of him). Of course a hacker would be wearing a hoodie!! Hacker says to self: Perhaps hiding my true identity in the real world will somehow help me mask my identity in cyberspace!!

It's emperor palpatine's fault that when people wear hoodies and you can't see their faces, you think of nefarious deeds. And death's fault as well. Because of them, when we see people masked behind hoodies, we think of PURE EVIL.

*I think this is pure lamo. First of all, I think the scandal they've found on Palin so far is way weak. Go ahead and talk all day about it. And second of all, I think it's very malicious (in addition to the fact that it's hacking into someone's email). A new face on the larger political scene isn't going to be as cautious about securing her communication as others would be. Way to go for picking on the little guy (gal)! Next thing you'll be hacking into Fort Knox!


Janell said...

I know I always wear my hoodie when hacking. Mostly because where I work tends to be so darn cold.

In truth I wear a down-lined vest with faux-fur collar. I guess I'm just out of touch with hacker fashion. Thanks for the alert!

merrilykaroly said...

I think he's wearing a hoodie because it's not the real guy. It's a fake stalker, and he doesn't want you to know.

I agree with you about Sarah Palin.